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Simple Interest Calculator Investment

Simple Interest may be used to determine the future value of a current amount, or even define the present value of a future amount.

Simple Interest Calculator Investment

The online simple interest calculator on many sites is often applied to identify the present value, future value, the number of periods, and the period interest rate. Please remember that simple interest is the interest, which is often generated on a principal amount with NO compound.

Located on NCALCULATORS, Simple Interest Rate Calculator is considered a personal finance assessment tool online to compute the total interest and interest rate on the principal amount. Maturity period, final return, and initial payment are all of the core components to successfully carry out the comparison between different options in order to choose the best in the finance market. Investors are also allowed to compare alternatives, and then make the smart decision for their financial welfare. In the financial market, simple interest is probably one of the most vital concepts, when it comes to successful short- or long-term money that is lending, borrowing, or investing.

Simple interest is typically the most basic type of interest. Once money is borrowed at simple interest; the interest, at that time, shall be charged on your original amount of money which you invested or borrowed, not on the interest that it has earned. On principle, the interest repayment still remains same for every month or year, and it is often calculated from the principal amount, length of the time, and simple interest rate. At times, assets are also made use of to lend with simple interest whereas the interest amount shall be smoothly calculated, depending on the equivalent money value of the asset. The principle’s percentage, which is paid as a fee on the certain time, is called interest rate. The online simple interest rate calculator here will help you calculate the interest rate easily on your financial transactions.

Calculate The Period Of An Investment

For the calculations using the simple interest formula, you should solve the time period (n) of an investment or loan through merely rearranging the formula to make (n) the subject. How about compound interest calculations in which (n) is the exponent in the formula? It’s time to utilize your knowledge of logarithms to define the value of (n).

A= P (1+i)^n, where:

  • A: the accumulated amount
  • P: the principal amount
  • I: interest rate that is written as a decimal
  • n: period of time

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